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Douglass Office:       666-2191

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Counselors:               669-8008

Library:                     669-8010

Homework Club:       669-8010

Friday Intervention:   669-8063

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Student Store             669-8007

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Student Activities       669-2135


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Douglass Middle School

                 WJUSD MISSION:
     "Preparing and empowering all students for a
            future of endless possibilities"empowering all students for a future of endless possibilities"





Next PTA Meeting

is on:

Monday, March 6, 2017


in the Library








We are excited to invite GATE students in grades 4-8 to participate in the WJUSD GATE Art Enrichment program.  Art classes begin the week of March 6 and will be offered for a total of six weeks, two hours per week, at various sites.  Please review the attached catalog of classes for a full description of each class being offered.  Note that each class will have a separate location, days and times.  Students will have the opportunity to exhibit their art for the community at a district wide Art Show on Friday, May 5.  The art show will be held in downtown Woodland in conjunction with First Friday Art Walk.   


Students may select ONE class that is appropriate for their grade level.  Students may select to attend class at any site.  Classes are limited in size and enrollment and placement will be on a first-come, first-served basis.


Michele Mitchell,

GATE Enrichment Program

Michele.Mitchell@wjusd.org    530-406-3250




To Enroll your child in the WJUSD GATE Art program, please visit our class registration website at WJUSDGate.net .  Please read the information on the home page before clicking on the registration link.  You will need to register on the site prior to being able to login and enroll in a class.  Class enrollment will be open on February 14 at 6:00 am.  If you do not have internet access, please contact Michele Mitchell at (530) 406-3250 to register your child.  No registration requests will be taken prior to the 14th


Please note:  you will need the student Network ID to register on the site.

  Text Box  GATE Art Show    Friday, May 5     5 30 pm - 8 00 pm     Location - Downtown Woodland






Estamos contentos de invitar a los estudiantes GATE (Educación para Estudiantes Dotados y Talentosos, por sus siglas en Ingles) en grados 4-8 a participar en el programa de Enriquecimiento en Arte del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Woodland (WJUSD) del programa GATE. Las clases de arte empiezan durante la semana del 5 de marzo y se ofrecerá por seis semanas, dos horas por semana en varias escuelas. Por favor repase el catalogo de clases adjunto para una descripción de cada clase que se va ofrecer. Anote que cada clase será en un diferente lugar, días y horario. Estudiantes tendrán la oportunidad de exhibir su arte a la comunidad en una Exhibición de Arte a través de todo el distrito el viernes, 6 de mayo. La exhibición de arte será en la calle principal (Calle Main) de Woodland junto con el “First Friday Art Walk” (cada primer viernes habrá exhibiciones de arte).


Estudiantes pueden escoger cualquier escuela para tomar sus clases. Clases son limitadas y Matriculaciones y lugar en donde tomaran sus clases se harán por medio de quien entregue su aplicación primero. O sea el primero que entregue su forma, será el primero que estará en la lista para tal escuela.


Michele Mitchell,

GATE - Académicamente y Enriquecimiento

Michele.Mitchell@wjusd.org        530-406-3250




Para registrar su hijo/a en el Programa de Enriquecimiento de Art del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Woodland, por favor visite el nuevo sitio de internet WJUSDGate.net.  Favor de leer la información en la página de internet antes de imprimir la registración.  El registro comienza el 14 de febrero. Si usted no tiene acceso al Internet, por favor póngase en contacto con Michele Mitchell al (530) 406-3250 para inscribir a su hijo.


Favor de notar: tenga a mano el # de identificación estudiantil de su hijo/a para registrar en el sitio de internet.


  Text Box  La Exhibici n de Arte  viernes, 5 de mayo   5 30 pm   8 00 pm  Lugar  - Centro de Woodland







6th Grade:

Elementary School Elective Presentations:



Dingle Elementary

Tuesday, Feb 28 @ 9:00am

Whitehead Elementary

Tuesday, Feb 28 @ 11:00am

Woodland Prairie Elementary

Tuesday, Feb 28 @ 1:00pm

Zamora Elementary

Wednesday, March 1 @ 9:00am


Wednesday, March 1 @ 11:00am

Tafoya Elementary

Thursday, March 2 @ 9:00am

Maxwell Elementary

Thursday, March 2 @ 11:00am

Freeman Elementary

Thursday, March 2 @ 1:00pm

Gibson Elementary

Friday, March 3 @ 9:00am

Plainfield Elementary

Friday, March 3 @ 11:00am

Beamer Park Elementary

Friday, March 3 @ 1:00pm













Forms DUE: Wednesday, March 8th

To 6th Grade Teachers


Dear Parents,

 We had a great meeting on Wednesday, February 1st about the East Coast Trip to Washington DC, Gettysburg and Philadelphia in 2018.  I wanted to reiterate two important topics from the meeting:
1. Most importantly, don't forget to register for the trip

You only pay a deposit of $150 to sign up. Your Trip ID # 145128.  There are two easy ways to register:
ONLINE: at www.worldstrides.org & using the Trip ID # listed above,
PHONE:  by calling the Customer Service Team at 1-800-468-5899
2. There are many options for individual travel funding, including the Gift of Education program, which includes Gift of Education E-Cards and Facebook links. Additionally, over $1 million is given each year in financial assistance through the FLAG program! You can find detailed information about Gift of Education and FLAG scholarships  at www.worldstridesfundraising.com.
Please let me know if you have any questions about the trip & I look forward to leading a fun and educational program for our students!

Note: There is still time left to register:

All the best,

Scott Woolf, Teacher / Program Leader
 Phone: 530-666-2191 ext. 2121

E-mail: scott.woolf@wjusd.org


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